October 31, 2006

the worlds most violent religion

As the worlds most violent religion exits its month of holy rioting we seem to heard much less of it than the carbecues of last year. That is not to say there weren't any. This year mindless arson, mutilation and murder are not the only objectives, they are actively going out to attack the police. Yet the media has barely made a sound.

Perhaps the fact that Islam fosters violence is simply not news, despite the protests of the multicultists, Islam's violent and repressive nature is now well understood. Oh, the Muslims are angry? When aren't they? The most important Islamic cleric in Australia considers women little more than slabs of meat that deserve to be raped. Hardly surprising he's just following what is in the Koran. A british imam says gay people should be murdered. Nothing new there either. Islam is violent. Yawn, tell us something we didn't know.

Or more likely they are frightened of the murderous ways of the followers of the Religion of Peace the pointed response that accompanies any criticism of Islam.


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